Sunday, March 10, 2013

Huskies Take Down the Cougs in Cross State Match Up: 17 - 9

UW hosted the Cougars from Pullman in a hot state rivalry game this Saturday under beautiful Seattle blue skies.  While the weather was nice, it rained on the crimson and gray as UW shooters pounded the Cougar keeper with 17 goals on 41 shots.  The Huskies were led by two, repeat two, five goal games by Alex Crane and Josh Redhair, a stunning performance considering that these two attackmen combined for 10 goals on only 11 shots.

First quarter action started a little slow as each team probed the opposition for weaknesses.  Chris Brown tickled the nets first with a goal at just past the 9:00 mark, but the goal was disallowed due to a deep pocket on Brown's crosse.  Nick Stevens scored a few minutes later, but this goal was also erased by a crease violation.  With the score still tied at 0 - 0, the Huskies finally got one to stick with the goal by Alex Crane on the assist from Brody Lundquist at 7:04.  The Cougs answered at 5:19 with a goal to tie it up, but the Huskies went up again with only 1:27 left in the period on the solo goal from Josh Redhair.

The second period got very lively for the Huskies who opened up a major lead and did not look back.  Like the old adage, the Huskies scored early and often, led off by the man up goal by Alex Crane on the assist by Chris Brown.  Alex Crane beat the WSU goalie again just a few minutes later to take the Huskies up to a 4 - 1 lead before the Cougars could score again for their second goal.  That was it for Cougar scoring for the half, as the Huskies dominated in the offensive half of the field, scoring six more times to wrap up the second period.  The scoring list for the rest of the second period was:  Eliot Adams, assisted by Drew LaMaita; solo shot by Brody Lundquist; Eliot Adams on the feed from Nick Stevens; an unassisted goal by Leo Phillips (his first of the season by the way!); Josh Redhair on the assist from Alex Crane and then the reverse with a goal by Alex Crane from the assist by Josh Redhair.  This was the best offensive performance by the Huskies yet, 8 goals in one period, while only allowing a single opposing goal!

The third quarter started off with the Redhair/Crane combo, with Redhair getting the first score of the period on the assist from Crane.  The Cougars got back into the scoring column on the two man up situation, getting the score at 10:30 to slightly close the gap at 11 - 3.  Undaunted by the man down give up, Chris Brown blazed back into the fray with a solo effort at 6;15 and then a score on the assist from Nathan Puldy at 2:40 to take the Huskies up 13 - 3.  But the Huskies couldn't stay out of the penalty box, getting two penalties at 0:13, allowing the Cougars to get one past UW goalie Spencer Adams with only 2 seconds left in the period.  Even though the Dawgs were two men down twice in the period, the maintained a major lead at the end of the third quarter, 13 - 4.

In the fourth quarter, the Huskies brought in back up goalie Robbie DeLeon for some game time workout.  The Cougs jumped on the opportunity to test the new keeper, getting the first score of the period at 12:26 to close it up a little bit, but the Huskies still held a strong lead, 13 - 5.  Washington responded with a solo shot by Josh Redhair to move the Huskies back up 14 - 5.  WSU brightened up, scoring two more times before Redhair put another knife in the Cougar comeback with a goal on the feed from Eliot Adams, keeping the Huskies up 15 - 7.

The Cougars weren't completely done, scoring only 8 seconds after Redhair's goal to climb back a little, now trailing 15 - 8.  Brody Lundquist answered the Cougar attack with a solo goal at 2:41 and Alex Crane nailed his fifth goal of the day with only 1:33 left to move the Huskies up 17 - 8.  Then the Huskies gave the Cougars one last man up opportunity with a two minute penalty at only 0:15 left, which the Cougars took full advantage of to score their last goal with only 8 seconds left in the game.  Despite scoring five goals in the last period, the late Cougar charge was not enough to overcome the Husky lead from the second quarter as the Huskies pick up the much needed win, 17 - 9.

Stat Wrap Up for the Game
First, the overall team stats (S=Shot, G=Goal, A=Assist, GB=Ground Ball, SV=Save)
UW:  41S, 17G, 9A, 46GB, 4SV
WSU:  31S, 9G, 5A, 32GB, 6SV

Individual Stats:
Spencer Adams:  2SV
Alex Crane:  6S, 5G, 2A, 1GB
Kane Swanson:  5GB
Alex Candoo:  5GB
Rem Baumann:  3S, 1GB
Eric Lonsway:  2S, 2GB
Chris Brown:  6S, 2G, 1A, 2GB
Drew LaMaita:  1A, 5GB
Eliot Adams:  4S, 2G, 1A, 2GB
Leo Phillips:  1S, 1G
Nick Stevens:  1S, 1A, 6GB
Josh Redhair:  5S, 5G, 1A, 6GB
Stephen Heppler:  1S, 1GB
Nathan Puldy:  2S, 1A, 1GB
Brody Lundquist:  10S, 2G, 1A, 5GB
Sean Flinn:  3GB
Shawn Dhanani:  1GB
Robbie DeLeon:  2SV

Huskies Travel to Corvallis Next Weekend for Oregon State Match
Washington goes to Oregon State University next Saturday, March 16th to take on the Oregon State Beavers, who hold a 4 - 2 record so far, pending their Sunday game against Sonoma State.  Face off is at 1:00 pm at Reiser Stadium in Corvallis, so pack up the coolers and head south for another great PAC-12 match up!

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